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Celia Breslin’s – 7-7-7 Challenge – The Vampire Code

Hi Everyone!
Happy to be here with my WOTI pals to share a snippet of my WiP, The Vampire Code, for their 7-7-7 Challenge. This urban fantasy short story is a prequel to my recent urban fantasy romance release, HAVEN.

The story opens in May, three months prior to the start of Haven. A naughty, newbie vampire has attacked Carina. Jonas delivers swift and painful punishment for the transgression. But…not on page seven. There, we catch Jonas in a moment of reflection…

* * *

His mind flashed to her as a little girl. He almost cracked a rare smile at the memory of her dark ringlets bouncing around her snow-white face as she bounded up to greet him every night with the same request.
“Let’s fly, Jonas! C’mon!” she’d insist, beguiling him with her dark eyes, arms uplifted in excited anticipation.
And he had acquiesced every time. I could deny her nothing.
 He, the most feared vampire of the Tranquilli cosca, her father’s left hand and third in command of the fiercest vampires in existence, Jonas the Executioner…brought to his knees by a child.

* * *

The Vampire Code will release October, 2013 from Champagne Books. HAVEN is available now, also from Champagne Books.
For more info, visit my Web site: http://www.celiabreslin.com/

Happy reading!



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