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Thank You to Shared Whispers Authors

CLICK TO BUYThank you for visiting Worlds of the Imagination to all of the Champagne authors who contributed to  SHARED WHISPERS, an anthology of fifteen  short stories about romance, mystery, adventure, and the paranormal.

Beyond Forever by M. W. Davis – Two ill-fated lovers from the past show a modern day couple the real meaning of love.
Special Delivery by Linda Rettstatt – During a blizzard, a road sign promised sanctuary from the storm until a woman running from her past learns the doctor is a veterinarian.
The Setup by Victoria Roder – Blowing off a blind date might mean avoiding an unpleasant evening with a stranger—or being saved by one.
Life at Full Speed by Ute Carbone – Sparks fly when a prosecutor and a man she almost sent to prison meet under unusual circumstances—a speed dating event.
Frozen Section by Jane Toombs – An acknowledgement of a past loss does more than thaw a woman’s heart. It opens the path to an unplanned future—and a family she never expected to have.
After the Tears by Angelica Hart and Zi – Grief darkened the future, until love took a hand.

Colours by Chris Fenge – One woman seeks to escape the grey coloring her world and return to the bright colors of yesteryear and her true love.
Wailing Down the Wall by Julie Eberhart Painter – A Chinese legend comes to life amidst the creation of one of the world’s greatest architectural marvels.
Journey Home by Linda LaRoque – Life is hard and dangerous on the Texas plain for a couple separated by time, distance, and duty. Love brings them together—forever.

Solitude by Ronald Hore – All Keith Sommerville wanted was a little time alone aboard his sailboat. What he found was a future beyond belief.
Cymru Am Byth (Wales Forever) by Jude Johnson – The freedom of Wales came at a price—love. Centuries later, fate intervened
Heart of a Rebel by Dani Collins – Plans can be undermined when love and destiny take charge.
Heaven by Elizabeth Fountain – Angels are not always found in heaven.
Nimue’s Daughter by Rita Bay – The past and the future collide when the Merlin of King Arthur’s court seeks his true love in a world on the precipice.
Gods and Zombies by January Bain – Do humans dance at the whim of the gods or do we write our own destiny.

Click HERE or the Cover to BUY.



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Welcome Shared Whispers Contributor, Jane Toombs

Jane Toombs, author of approximately 100 novels, and novellas, writes in most genres. Her first book was published in 1973. Her contribution to Shared Whispers, “Frozen Section,” not only describes the main character, but also the procedure she will undergo in the morning.

SharedWhispers-Ebook-180x280“FROZEN SECTION” EXCERPT

She worried about that possibility until what would happen tomorrow resurfaced until the sleeping pill dulled the acute edges of panic. After that, she considered the surgery with more detachment. She could live with the results even if the worst happened.  All it meant was she couldn’t bear a child.  For some reason the idea she’d be past having a baby jerked her fully awake again. 

Why?  She was getting near forty, rather late to have the child she’d never wanted anyway.  Why hadn’t she wanted one? Was it fear?  She nodded, realizing this was true.   But what lay behind that fear? Fear of death?  Death, the final pill-less sleep?  

She struggled to stay awake, wanting to understand, but the drug sabotaged thought and she drifted, spiraling off into nothingness.

Read more about Jane and her books:  WEBPAGE / CHAMPAGNE / AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE


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Welcome Shared Whispers Author R.J. Hore

SharedWhispers-Ebook-180x280Please welcome WOTI’s guest today, WOTI member R.J. Hore, another Shared Whispers contributor.

I’m not what I would call a romance writer, although most of what I write has a strong female protagonist, or at the least, a strong female character. In many of my tales there is a relationship of sorts. In The Dark Lady, a medieval fantasy which came out in February 2012, the protagonist is a young girl on the verge of womanhood, with all that entails. Housetrap, a December 2012 release, and the first of a series of novellas (four so far) under The Housetrap Chronicles, is a fantasy detective tale with a male lead, but he usually finds himself surrounded by females of various hue, both supporting and villainous. In March 2013 and Knight’s Bridge, I return to a medieval fantasy setting, and yes, the leads are a man and a woman, with all the confusion that often creates. The next novel, released in April 2013, was The Queen’s Pawn. This is another medieval fantasy, about a young man and his adventures with a variety of women of different ages, mainly the mysterious Queen of the land, and her annoying daughter. Perhaps I am more of a romantic than I thought! For a more in-depth biography, please refer to my website, www.ronaldhore.com

The idea behind “SOLITUDE” came to me this summer while sailing up Lake Winnipeg during a thunderstorm. I thought, surely there is a story buried in this madness somewhere. Alone in the cockpit, while my crew, who consisted of one of my granddaughters, remained down below and nice and dry, I figured the scene could work in almost any setting:  science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance. “SOLITUDE” was born from that meager beginning.


She examined Keith critically. “Just a minute.” Diving down below, she came up with a dry towel. “You are soaked. Take off that bulky coat and let me get rid of some of that surplus water.”

“I’m okay,” came out as a squeak. Still, the coat came off.

“Nonsense, you just keep driving, I will do the drying.”

He found it difficult to concentrate, and although the rain had stopped, a residue of waves meant both hands on the wheel. She dried arms, neck and face.

“Did you have an accident?” he managed to get out. “Should we be calling the Coast Guard?” How do you have an accident in a metal egg that drops from the clouds?

“No that will not be necessary.”

The sun broke through the last of the clouds. She folded her towel, placed it on one of the cockpit cushions and flopped down with a sigh, glanced up and frowned. “Why are you staring at me like that? Is something wrong?”

“Ah…” He managed a weak smile. “Your hair, just looking at your hair.”

“What is wrong with my hair?”

Check out R. J.’s books at:  CHAMPAGNE-BURST BOOKS / RON’S WEBPAGE


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Welcome Shared Whispers Author Chris Fenge

COLOURS C.FengeWelcome Champagne Author Chris Fenge who contributed the contemporary short story “Colours” to the Shared Whispers Anthology.

The Author and the Story

A friend laughed when I said my romantic heroine, Abigail, was eighty-six years old. But there are reasons I wanted her to be this age when the story begins. I’m in the distressing position of watching relatives struggle with ageing, and I know they have ‘back stories’—sometimes very colorful ones—behind their outward appearances. In COLOURS, I’ve tried to retrieve part of one woman’s tale. She may be a frail, forgetful, often frustrated ‘grey’ old lady, but she was something else in her twenties. In this story the intense romance of her youthful days lives again.

As well as being a romance COLOURS is also a tragedy as it deals with the problems of growing old. But mostly, I hope, it’s a ‘rattling good yarn’ which I really enjoyed writing. Part of the enjoyment came from using the livelier portions of my own family history. When, for instance, Abigail turns her dead husband’s room into a dusty shrine, she’s not acting like a latter-day Miss Havisham. What she does is actually based on the eccentricities of my Great Aunt Eva who took matters further than Abigail (or even Miss Havisham). After being jilted at age nineteen, Great Aunt Eva ‘took to her bed’ and never got out of it again until she was carried out dead sixty years later.

But that’s another story, albeit a true one! This one’s not true, and it’s Abigail’s.


A random act of kindness from a stranger forces 86 year old Abigail to reassess her life. She vows to be old and lonely no longer. Instead she will join her lover, her soul mate, and they will embark on the greatest adventure of their lives…

But even the best plans may be thwarted by another random act of kindness.


He came nearer and she leaned on him with one hand and removed her shoes with the other, dangling them by their straps. The jacket fell open again, but she ignored it, too absorbed in the delicious sensation of bare toes meeting damp earth. No stockings–not with rationing–but bare toes felt good and so did Jean-Paul’s eyes which were locked on her again. And this time he did not look away.

Her arm dropped from his shoulder and she straightened up, standing naked and proud before him, and no longer vulnerable. When his eyes eventually met hers, she held them there–relaxed, happy and, for the first time that night, in control.

“Abigail.” He released the word reverentially, as though they were in church. “It is fate, Abigail.” Bending down, he kissed her neck so tenderly the touch was a mere breath, a whisper. She shivered, though not with the cold. Then he looked at her face as if searching for something. His fingers lightly traced the swelling on her cheek and his lips caressed her wound. “You are hurt. I should get you home.” He pulled the jacket together over her nakedness and did up the buttons.

Buy Shared Whispers at Champagne Book Group HERE. And find out more about the author, Chris Fenge, and her stories at www.thesalamanderstone.com

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Welcome Shared Whispers Author Elizabeth Fountain

Thank you for visiting WOTI, Liz. “Heaven,” a fantasy short story, is Elizabeth Fountain’s contribution to Shared Whispers. Elizabeth  left a demanding job as a university administrator in Seattle to move to the small town of Ellensburg, Washington, and pursue her dream of writing novels. Her first book, An Alien’s Guide to World Domination, was released by BURST Books in 2013; and You, Jane, her second novel, will be published in 2014. On her breaks from writing, Liz teaches university courses, spends time with family and friends, and takes long walks in the diabolical Kittitas Valley wind. Her quirky and humorous view of humanity is well suited to tales of aliens and angels, love and death, friendship and dogs.  Check out the blurb and excerpt of “Heaven:”

GraveNot all angels are found in Heaven.  Jane is recently divorced, riddled with guilt and fear, but something in her is still stubbornly alive. Her angel, Michael, is ready and willing to bring it out in her. Michael was a Watcher, one of God’s sentinels. But God refused to listen to any of his warnings, so he left his post to take the action he believed the world of humans needs. Michael hides on Earth, falling in love with Jane, and proving that fallen angels make terrific lovers.
But God finds them, and wants Michael back. Now Jane and Michael must stand up for their love and their own choices, even when the alternative is between Heaven and Hell, and the Lord of Lords Himself forces their hand.

“I’m a Watcher,” Michael began, “or that’s what the old legends called us. We worked for God as sentinels; we looked out. We waited. We waited to raise alarms if we saw anything worth alarming Her Holy of Holies about.

“Well, I did. I saw a lot, a very great deal that alarmed me, as I Watched the world of human beings, and all they were doing to tear one another apart. And Her Holy of Holies ignored all my warnings.”

He sighed and gathered Jane closer. “Then I saw Woman. Woman, who had no idea how beautiful, how strong, how magnificent she really was. Why? Because miss Holy of Holies wanted this truth kept from Woman. Oh, she wasn’t gender biased. She didn’t really want Man to know his own power, either. She is, as they say in the Old Testament, a jealous god. They forget she is also envious. And a little petty, if you ask me. Woman deserved better.”

“What did you do?”

“I tried to tell Her Holy of Holies, you need to wake Woman, to help her really see, feel, be herself. If you do, she’ll be your best ally. Your greatest friend, as you try to spread love and eradicate evil. Her Holy of Holies said sure, I’ll get right on that. And it went into the giant round file in the sky, along with all my other Memos of Warning.

“So I said, essentially, not out loud, of course, to Her Holy of Holies, but in my head and heart, I said F*** This. And I left Heaven to go wake up Woman.”

“You mean you’re a fallen angel.” Jane couldn’t help but smile.


Elizabeth Fountain’s links:  CHAMPAGNE BOOKSAMAZON / WEBPAGE 


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Shared Whispers: Nimue’s Daughter by Rita Bay

Shared Whispers is an anthology of short stories from an international group of fifteen authors who are published by Champagne. Whether romance, suspense, mystery, thrillers, paranormal, fantasy, or science fiction stories, romance is the common theme.

My contribution was “Nimue’s Daughter,” a contemporary Arthurian apocalypse tale. I enjoyed researching the old stories, then creating my own Arthurian tale in this century. The picture on the right is a representation of the story which involves Stonehenge and the Wild Hunt (Some really uncool paranormal folks from the ancient tales who you definitely don’t want to meet on a dark night). I’m sharing an excerpt in which Nimue & Myrddin (Merlin), who has just been called by the priestesses from his long sleep, meet for the first time (this century).

Nimue ran out the door as the car stopped. “Mother, where have you been? I was so worried. There are disturbances all over the country. I can’t believe you left without telling any …”

Her breath caught at her first sight of the man. He didn’t meet her standard of male pulchritude but he was so attractive that she was compelled to stare. Wavy black hair worn a bit too long, ice-blue eyes that hinted he knew everything about her at a glance, and an endearing, crooked smile. Perhaps she needed to change her standard of male pulchritude.

He appeared a bit thin and perhaps a little confused. She knew all of her mother’s friends and he was not among them. A stranger, then, that Mother had brought home in this dangerous time.

“Mother, Aunt. I’m glad you arrived home without incident.” She hugged each in turn.

Aunt Rhiann, her adopted second mother who was occasionally risqué, gave her an extra squeeze and whispered, “Look at him, Nimue, ain’t he a fine one.”

The man had moved closer and still hadn’t taken his eyes off of her.

“Who is our guest, Aunt Rhiann, and why is he here?”

The question seemed to put off Aunt Rhiann. When she hesitated and looked toward Mother for rescue, the man held out his hand. Nimue grasped it and wished she hadn’t. Attraction vied with lust. She tried to pull away. He held tight, then branded her hand with a sizzling kiss. She wanted to scrub her hands clean, to deny what had passed between them.

“Good day, Nimue. I am pleased to see you. I am Myrddin, late of Avalon. I am here to battle the Armageddon.”

Click cover or HERE to buy Shared Whispers for $3.95.


“Finding Eve” Champagne Books, September, 2013
“Nimue’s Daughter,” Shared Whispers, Champagne Books, September, 2013
“Search & Rescue” Secret Cravings Publishing, July, 2013
“Her Teddy Bare” Carnal Passions, May, 2013
 “The Aegis” Champagne Books, April, 2013
“Ely’s Epiphany” Secret Cravings Publishing, December, 2013
“Into the Lyons’ Den” Champagne Books, August, 2012
“His Desire” Siren BookStrand, May, 2012
“His Obsession” Siren BookStrand, April, 2012

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Welcome Shared Whispers Author Jude Johnson

Cymru Am Byth – Wales Forever is Jude Johnson’s contribution to Shared Whispers. Check out the blurb, excerpt, bio, and pic (Taken on Jude’s trip to Wales).


When Angie Edwards visits Wales, she finds the forlorn emptiness of Caerfilly Castle is not all it seems. Confronted by a strange man in medieval dress, she thinks she’s stepped into some sort of re-enactment. Or is her destiny somehow entwined with the legend of the Tower Ghost? 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHer cousin’s dark hair gleamed in the light as she tilted her head. “And this man you saw… his tunic had what on it again?”

“I’m not sure of anything, but I remember thinking they were three lions.” Angie closed her eyes, picturing the knight as he’d entered the room. “Yes, three red lions, facing left as I’m looking at them, tail up over their backs, one paw lifted.”

Blwdi uffern.” Gwen whispered. “Bloody hell. Llywelen’s personal coat of arms.” She set her tea on the table and leaned forward, brown eyes wide. “And this fellow called you ‘Angharad’—you’re quite certain?”

Angie nodded, frowning. “Absolutely. It freaked me out.”

Her cousin leaned back in her chair again. “You, dear cousin, met Gethin ap Caderyn. The Tower Ghost.”

“Ghost? No, this guy was solid, real. He cast a shadow.”

“Unlike all the other ghosts you’ve seen so far, I suppose?” Gwen arched a brow. “You think ghosties are as transparent as John Cleese in the Harry Potter films?”

Angie’s mouth dropped open and closed slowly before she replied. “You got me. But I’ve never heard of The Tower Ghost.”

“He seems to be quite particular about who sees him.”

About Jude

Living in Tucson, Arizona, Jude Johnson is a member of Gecko Gals Ink, LLC, a group of five sassy local authors who help other writers develop their craft through writing seminars. She is an active member of the Welsh League of Arizona as well. She has spoken about her research and writing at Welsh Festivals and National Day of Wales in Los Angeles, the Sierra Vista Historical Society, the Adobe Corral of the Westerners, the Arizona Historical Society, and numerous times on BBC Radio Wales.

Buy Shared Whispers at Champagne Books or Amazon    Visit Jude’s Webpage HERE.


Visit Rita Bay at Rita Bay’s Webpage & Blog


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Shared Whispers – Dani Collins

I admit it, I completely dropped the ball on my post. It’s been insanely busy at the day job and last night, Thursday, when I got home from work and had a few hours, I made the executive decision to spend them with my husband. If I had entered my office, I would have seen my giant note that said, WOTI BLOG. As it was, I got up this morning and went straight to work and the company golf tourney. Blog, sadly, was overlooked.

However, I’ve been longing for my turn to talk about how I was roped into doing the Shared Whisper project. Mike Davis, a fellow author at Champagne Books, suggested this theme for an anthology. It was an opportunity to showcase author voices, provide a sample of our work, and the idea was to offer it as a KDP Select title, for free, simply as a promotional tool.

All of the stories are full, original stories, not excerpts that demand you buy the book to find out what happens. I didn’t have any books out yet when I wrote my contribution and it seemed like a wonderful way to reach readers. (Still seems like it.)

After we did our ninety day stint with KDP Select, Mike–who is a Godsend–sent it along to Champagne Books, who snapped it up. This was very heartening as, even though I don’t expect to make a mint of my one-sixteen of the profits, I believe their improved distribution will help us find our readers.

As for my actual contribution, I agonized when writing it. I’ve never written shorter formats than fifty thousand words and this was more like twenty. I wanted this story to evoke something of The Healer but it was due to come out with Champagne at the time and Shared Whispers was an independent project. That meant I couldn’t parasitically adapt the exact world of The Healer for my short story.

I came up with Saratta. And Magi and Vilander. It was fun! Not nearly enough room to explore all that I wanted of their world and characters, but someday I hope to get back to it.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll visit their troubled country and enjoy it enough to consider purchasing The Healer, which is the kind of world building and character development I wish I could have accomplished with Heart Of A Rebel.

Here’s a quick excerpt from Heart Of A Rebel:

Vilander found his arms going around Magi’s womanly shape, pulling her close as he absorbed that he was inordinately glad to see her.  Despite the chaos the bird had caused, he’d been gripped by an urge to laugh from the moment she had walked in.  She looked the same as he remembered, only mature and prettier.

Her breath clouded against his neck in a suppressed sob and his happiness took a dip into something disturbing.  It had been a long time since he’d held a woman and she was receptive and warm and smelled clean and sweet.  Her hair tickled his jaw in the way only a woman’s could do.  Her breasts flattened on his chest, making him want to cup and test their weight and seek the hardened tips with his thumb and mouth.  Her skirts tangled his legs while her limbs trustingly parted for his own.  It was too much to bear.

He ground his teeth against his natural reaction.  He didn’t have time for a tryst.

And she wasn’t the kind who welcomed them.


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Welcome Shared Whispers Author Julie Eberhart Painter

SharedWhispers-Ebook-180x280Julie Eberhart Painter,  a Pennsylvania transplant now living in Central Florida, is the author of ten  books. She  took advantage of her knowledge directing a sanctioned duplicate bridge game to  create Kill  Fee, a cozy mystery that received the CTR Book award in  February 2012, and Kill  Fee won  the Champagne Books Best Book Award for 2011. A frequent  contributor to blogs, Julie is a regular columnist at Cocktails, Fiction and Gossip Magazine,  an online slick where she talks about fun stuff, such as families, books,  art, music, dance and travel. One of the many places includes China,  where she met The Wall.

Blurb & Excerpt  

North of the ancient city of Xi’an, the rolling hills gleamed in the  afternoon sun. Looking up the road Meng-Jiangnu saw a boy walking slowly toward  her parents’ home. He was dragging a ragged, quilted coat behind him.
“Mother, come quickly,” Meng called. “There is a stranger  approaching.”
One by one, round faces popped above the open spaces and peered at the  oncoming stranger. Stepping out over the god of their door, the family members  entered the small courtyard and made their way toward the boy. “What’s wrong?  Who is he?”
Meng gestured from the ragged boy toward the place in the hills where the  incline began to rise sharply.
“A boy, Mother, look! He comes from the mountains.”
The family peered into the distance watching the approaching figure. “He  is a starving youth,” her mother stated. “When he arrives, bring him inside and  ask if he has eaten.”
Meng noted that the boy’s skin was weathered brown from the sun and his  arms and legs stuck through his ragged clothing as if he had grown during the  journey. She thought him a very handsome boy, proud. He did not bow his head,  but walked on straight to them. Yet, she could tell this was a young man used to  hard work. When he reached the gate, Meng approached him the way her mother  had instructed. “Have you eaten?”
He smiled at the familiar words and shook his head, while he repeated  the traditional response, “Yes, I have eaten.”….

Buy Shared Whispers at Champagne  Book Group or your favorite outlet.  Check out Julie  Eberhart Painter’s at Bewildering Stories HERE  and Cocktails Magazine HERE. View her Champagne titles or WEBPAGE .


Visit Rita Bay at Rita Bay’s Webpage & Blog

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Welcome Shared Whispers Author Michael Davis

BeyondForever HighResWOTI’s first Shared Whispers guest author is Michael Davis. Mike coordinated the Shared Whispers project and contract. He’s the author of “Beyond Forever,” a contemporary romance with a twist—though he’s also at home with thrillers, suspense, and science fiction.  Each author submitted a pic for their story. I think Mike’s is one of the best. Check out the blurb, excerpt, and awesome reviews.


“Everyone deserves resolution.” Hanna’s organized life has been fractured by one mistake, one incredible night of unparalleled pleasure, and now her world has descended into unbearable solitude. Days burning sunlight in a mind numbing haze, nights staring into the black void enveloping her empty bed, until a stranger, a peculiar man lost within his own shadows, offers a path to resolution. He suggests a course from her self-induced darkness, if only she can see the truth behind his words. To purge the memories that hound her thoughts, block her return to a normal existence, she must allow herself to circle back where it all began.


She licked both lips, savoring the residual flavor. The hint of almond captured from the depths of his mouth teased her senses. She pushed further against the furnace of his taut abdomen with her bare rump. Low moans escaped her throat while his muscular hands explored…

Hanna Griffin shot erect in the solitary bed. She blindly groped the emptiness, the frigid void` to her left, then covered both eyes with barreled fists. The pain of separation, the abyss between what she and Aaron were and the loneliness she now felt consumed her.

I can’t take it, this ache in my chest. Help me out of the darkness.

“Please, no more.” Her brain registered the words, yet her heart ignored the plea, remained locked in the memories, the night of unparalleled pleasures when they were connected in body and mind.

Subtle reminders prevented her escape. The sensory shock when some stranger sauntered by, his masculine cologne invading her nose, or the man at work that walked with pride, just like Aaron, churned knots in her gut. What course could end this journey to nowhere, ricocheting from one numbing task to another just to burn twelve hours of daylight. Hanna studied the blackened ceiling for an answer, a way out of this pit. A one word response across her sleep starved mind blared out.


She must purge everything he was, that they were, but how?

Of course. I must stand in the dragon’s breath.

Internship with the yellow jackets of Larimer County had convinced Hanna fighting wildfires was not the dream of her childhood fantasies. Yet the back-wrenching hours, scoured by sun and marred by ash, conveyed one lesson: only fire can conquer fire. She must return to the spark that ignited this consuming flame of yearning that would not be quenched.

The lodge at Peaks Valley.

Hanna pawed the lamp by her bed, tapped the switch and bolted toward the shower. Half way across the room, she stopped.

A day trip’s not enough. It has to be a sleep over. Get through one night, endure the shadows alone, and I’ll be free.

Redirecting her route from the bathroom, Hanna scurried around the hollow apartment cum prison, and stuffed two days’ worth of clothes in a worn overnight bag. She darted for the door, caught the flash of a determined woman, thirtyish, peering back from the mirror, paused to examine her thin nude profile and giggled to no one.

Forgot something, didn’t ya.

She diverted to the dresser, then the closet, rifled through a dozen options and declared, “Yes, this should work.” Hanna grabbed her purse and luggage. She juggled an apple and surveyed the room for any forgotten booty, then raced out the door.~ * ~

Sixty miles north of Roanoke, Virginia, Hanna pulled into a closed visitor center, exited the sub compact, propped both arms across the roof, and ogled the horizon.

Timing is everything.


“Beautifully written, Beyond Forever is passionate and romantic. I found the story within the story captivating as I was teleported to The Lodge at Peaks Valle. Readers will pull up a chair as Mrs. Johnson explains the particulars surrounding the heartwarming legend of Peaks Valley while encouraging two young lovers to explore the possibilities discovered by embracing and understanding the past. The story is award-winning material.”  Romance Reviews

“What I liked: Sweet, well written, and satisfying are the three words I’d use to describe this short story. The plot flows, you’re pulled along, and you don’t want it to end.. What I didn’t like: Can’t think of a thing! In sum: Here’s a good one for us romance junkies. Pick it up.” 5 stars, Critique De Book

Thank you to Michael Davis for visiting.  Learn more about Michael and his books at his WEBPAGE.

Click HERE to buy Shared Whispers.

Tomorrow, Shared Whispers author, Julie Snorkel.



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