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NaNo Winner!!

2013-Winner-Facebook-ProfileWhooHoo!  Climbing out of my NaNo hole. Last week, I finished NaNoWriMo (50,000 words in November) and downloaded my reward. The real treasure was finishing one novella (a Georgian Regency historical) and completing two-thirds of a shapeshifter novella. The Alpha’s Prey has taken longer than most of my books to write. The Alpha’s Prey is the last in my Lyons’ Den stories. All the ends must be tied up and a satisfactory ending of the series revealed which takes some time. Below is a totally unedited excerpt of The Alpha’s Prey, so don’t judge too harshly. My goal is to finish and polish the story this month, then submit it to my editor extraordinaire at Champagne, Nikki Andrews. Fingers crossed.


After a tedi0us plane flight in a Triple Seven freighter loaded with a helicopter, van, and the team’s gear, Cynthia Lyons craved a workout in the gym of the Wolf’s Lair Resort. She needed to get her heart rate up and work out the kinks. In her line of work it paid to be in top physical condition.

She walked past several hunks working out on the machines and free weights. Every one of them eyed her like she was a piece of candy they’d love to sample. Most men salivated over her blond, tanned looks. She was used to that, even occasionally took one of them up on an invitation. Not any of those using ‘roids, though. Besides stinking, some of them were crazy.

She set the treadmill with a view of the lake for a tough workout and started her warm up which was ideal for thinking and planning. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a man adjusting the treadmill next to her and beginning his workout. She smiled to herself. Few men could keep up. This one wouldn’t last five minutes on the level he’d selected. She casually raised the setting on her machine, he quickly followed suit.

Five minutes passed, then ten.  Still, he kept pace with her. She was acutely aware of his scent which wasn’t covered up by deodorants, or worse, aftershaves or colognes. It was earthy, almost feral, not unlike the People. Like most of the People, she was curious, sometimes to a fault.

She slowed, then stopped, stepped off the treadmill, took a towel from a stack nearby, and started to wipe down. The man continued his ass-busting pace. He was handsome in a dark, rugged way. His coal black hair curled around his shoulders. He was built just the way she liked her men—tall and well-muscled but not bulked up. Unlike most men, he might not land on his butt in a fight.

When she looked up, he was smiling at her. “Like what you see?”

She returned his smile. “Very much. Unfortunately, I’m here on business.”

“A pity. I had my mind on pleasure.”

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