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Misa Buckley’s 777 Challenge

Author Misa Buckley joins us today for the 7,7,7 Challenge.
Here’s seven lines from her latest work in progress, Comfortably Numb, a sci-fi romance:
“I’ll speak to Doctor Phaedas and make sure he tells you everything.”
“Thank you.”
I could relax now, and leant back against the pillows as she undertook a few tests and a sample of my blood. She made more notes on her tablet before hurrying out. Guilt twinged at the speed at which she left; I hadn’t wanted to make her feel uncomfortable. But then by the same measure, I didn’t want to be kept in the dark any longer. I needed to know what had happened so I could take control. I needed to know how bad things were so I could figure out if I’d be able to race again.
This one is still in the works, but for more information on this and other books by Misa, visit her website: misabuckley.com.
And now, tag, Olga Godim, you’re it!

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