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Welcome Shared Whispers Author Julie Eberhart Painter

SharedWhispers-Ebook-180x280Julie Eberhart Painter,  a Pennsylvania transplant now living in Central Florida, is the author of ten  books. She  took advantage of her knowledge directing a sanctioned duplicate bridge game to  create Kill  Fee, a cozy mystery that received the CTR Book award in  February 2012, and Kill  Fee won  the Champagne Books Best Book Award for 2011. A frequent  contributor to blogs, Julie is a regular columnist at Cocktails, Fiction and Gossip Magazine,  an online slick where she talks about fun stuff, such as families, books,  art, music, dance and travel. One of the many places includes China,  where she met The Wall.

Blurb & Excerpt  

North of the ancient city of Xi’an, the rolling hills gleamed in the  afternoon sun. Looking up the road Meng-Jiangnu saw a boy walking slowly toward  her parents’ home. He was dragging a ragged, quilted coat behind him.
“Mother, come quickly,” Meng called. “There is a stranger  approaching.”
One by one, round faces popped above the open spaces and peered at the  oncoming stranger. Stepping out over the god of their door, the family members  entered the small courtyard and made their way toward the boy. “What’s wrong?  Who is he?”
Meng gestured from the ragged boy toward the place in the hills where the  incline began to rise sharply.
“A boy, Mother, look! He comes from the mountains.”
The family peered into the distance watching the approaching figure. “He  is a starving youth,” her mother stated. “When he arrives, bring him inside and  ask if he has eaten.”
Meng noted that the boy’s skin was weathered brown from the sun and his  arms and legs stuck through his ragged clothing as if he had grown during the  journey. She thought him a very handsome boy, proud. He did not bow his head,  but walked on straight to them. Yet, she could tell this was a young man used to  hard work. When he reached the gate, Meng approached him the way her mother  had instructed. “Have you eaten?”
He smiled at the familiar words and shook his head, while he repeated  the traditional response, “Yes, I have eaten.”….

Buy Shared Whispers at Champagne  Book Group or your favorite outlet.  Check out Julie  Eberhart Painter’s at Bewildering Stories HERE  and Cocktails Magazine HERE. View her Champagne titles or WEBPAGE .


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