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Defiance: A Review

This is my first post after the debut of Defiance, so I thought I would write a review of the premiere. Last week I posted a summary of the main cast of characters – races not individuals. Good thing because I would have been lost otherwise. When you have two human races and seven Votan races, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to follow the story. Wish I had a pic or two to share but I don’t poach and haven’t found any freebies.


When warriors Joshua Nolan (human) and his adopted daughter Irisa (Irathient) are robbed by marauders and left to fend for themselves in some very dangerous territory, they are happy to be rescued by some citizens of Defiance from some particularly nasty mutant bugs. The town of Defiance, nee St. Louis, has maintained enough technology to defend its borders and citizens. Joshua and Irsia are stranded there until they can finance transportation out of Defiance and continue their trip to Antartica where Irisa hopes to find safety.


There seems to be a spark between Joshua and the new mayor, Amanda. He hooks up with Kenya who owns the local whorehouse and, he later discovers, is Amanda’s sister. Awkward! Joshua redeems himself when he uses an artifact off of the Votan fleet to save Defiance after Amanda’s assistant betrays the town and destroys its protective fencing. Why? Who knows?

There’s not enough space to detail the conflict between the two leading families, one human and the other Castithan. Enough to say that the human daughter and Castithan son also hook up which initially causes a lot of trouble, part of which involves a misunderstanding.


Overall, the show was action-filled, but that action was a bit hard to follow. The plot for this particular episode was interesting but the large number of characters and their affiliations were confusing at times. As I feared last week, the aliens did speak their languages and viewers were bombarded with annoying subtitles.

The series will probably develop a small following that will be devastated when the show is not renewed after the last of the thirteen episodes airs in July. I’m reminded of Firefly/Serenity (a personal favorite) which has a huge following, although it didn’t make it past its first season. The producers should have looked to the popular SyFy series Being Human and Lost Girl for a model for paranormal series success – a small attractive (read that sexy) core cast with basic stories that are easy to follow.   Next week, Musings on the Neolithic.  Rita Bay


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