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Welcome Shared Whispers Contributor, Jane Toombs

Jane Toombs, author of approximately 100 novels, and novellas, writes in most genres. Her first book was published in 1973. Her contribution to Shared Whispers, “Frozen Section,” not only describes the main character, but also the procedure she will undergo in the morning.

SharedWhispers-Ebook-180x280“FROZEN SECTION” EXCERPT

She worried about that possibility until what would happen tomorrow resurfaced until the sleeping pill dulled the acute edges of panic. After that, she considered the surgery with more detachment. She could live with the results even if the worst happened.  All it meant was she couldn’t bear a child.  For some reason the idea she’d be past having a baby jerked her fully awake again. 

Why?  She was getting near forty, rather late to have the child she’d never wanted anyway.  Why hadn’t she wanted one? Was it fear?  She nodded, realizing this was true.   But what lay behind that fear? Fear of death?  Death, the final pill-less sleep?  

She struggled to stay awake, wanting to understand, but the drug sabotaged thought and she drifted, spiraling off into nothingness.

Read more about Jane and her books:  WEBPAGE / CHAMPAGNE / AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE



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