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Confessions Of A Pagan

Okay, I’ll admit it. I read my horoscope.

By that I don’t mean I glance at one or two lame lines in a magazine that promise love, riches, and travel. No, I mean I read my chart. I’m not saying I’m good at it. Like many things, astrology is an ongoing study, but I get a huge kick out of studying it.


It probably started as soon as I realized the concept existed. I was something called a libra. That makes me a mediator good at relationships. I’m always seeking balance. The symbol is the scales. Not sexy at all, like say Leo or Scorpio.

My interest waxed and waned over the years–see what I did there? That’s what the moon does, waxes and wanes. I was often side tracked by other curious concepts like reincarnation and tarot cards, but about eight years ago I started following Astrologyzone.com and somehow that got me really hooked.

What exactly do I mean by hooked? Well, um, ahem. I kind of peeked ahead to the aspects before I started this blog and wondered if I could wait to post it until after 12:20 pm on Friday when the moon was no longer Void Of Course.

This is what you’re dealing with, people. And yes, there is a very logical, sensible, grounded person inside me that regularly questions if I’ve completely lost my sanity. The other part shrugs and says, What’s it gonna hurt to wait for better aspects?

At first I laughed at certain things. Eclipses, for instance. I won’t say I didn’t respect them. Lady Hawk is one of my favourite movies of all time. I had the book. I dig eclipses. Who doesn’t? But they were always described as having all this power which would manifest within two weeks of the event or within three months or six months or a year (before or after) to the day, plus or minus four days. Whaaaa? That’s math! Not my bag at all.

But let’s just glance at my ol’ diary here and oh, look at that. We just had an eclipse in Taurus yesterday, May 9th. Taurus is my eighth house, the one ruling other people’s money, like royalties, for instance. Oh, and what do you know. I got The Call, an offer to buy my first book, on May 8th of last year. Coincidence? For sure. But a weird one, don’t you think?

Given something like that, I figure it’s worth waiting for a new moon before starting a new book. At the beginning of the year, we had a short stretch where no planets were retrograde. I started a pile of new projects in that new moon window. What does it hurt?! When Mercury goes retrograde, maybe it brings a pile of trouble with computers and car repairs, but take that time to revise a manuscript and you will be amazed how well it goes.

Are you raising your brows at me? I’m no crazier than the hockey players who stop shaving during playoffs. Superstitions and heathen rituals are stock in trade in fantasy worlds. (But not reality, Dani.)

Okay, okay, all I’m saying is, we have a lovely window of opportunity Saturday, May 11th. Take a few minutes and start something you’ve been meaning to get off the ground, something you want very badly to succeed. You don’t have to finish it, just give it this really nice start.

And report back to me in three, six, or twelve months, plus or minus four days to tell me how it worked out for you. I’m not making promises that it will flourish; we’ll have to wait and see. You know, study the results.


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