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SYFY Shows Return & New Ones Make an Entry

imagesThe countdown is on! Tonight, my two favorite SyFy shows premier. Lost Girl AND Being Human are back and I am counting the hours. If you remember, Lost Girl’s season ended with a car accident without us knowing who comes out alive. Being Human ended with several open ends, the main one being if the dead chick would rot or not. They’ve been pushed back an hour and a new show, Bitten, has been added at 10pm. Previews say the female lead is the only female werewolf. We know, of course, that Being Human has at least two. I hate it when world building collides, especially on the same night.

imagesCA9LILQBHelix debuted last week featuring a deadly disease that breaks out in a research station in Antarctica (?). Two scientist brothers who are at odds (one brother caught his wife in bed with the other brother which ended a marriage and a friendship) end up on the station with the wronged bro trying to rescue his infected bro. Ex-wife who is also a scientist is on the scene and finally apologizes for her adultery as a lapse which she regrets but claims it’s basically his fault for ignoring her. In the last scene, the infected bro has his tongue down her throat which is how the disease is spread. Don’t know if the microorganism is sentient or what but it seeks to spread. The frozen monkeys are the stuff of nightmares. Not sure if I’ll follow this one.

Hiatus always brings disorder, but a plethora of new shows eased it somewhat. Haven’s December cliffhanger was interesting. I’ve seen no hints of who in hell the movers and shakers are in the town. I’m ready for a resolution, but will need to wait until the next year.

Almost_Human_FOX A couple of new shows popped up on the big channels. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow features an Ichabod Crane who is some sort of resurrected savior who strives to rescue the world from a modern-day Armageddon. Washington Irving would likely have a stroke. On a very positive note, Almost Human has been an interesting treatment of the robot/human interaction. In the series, the outdated model robot assigned to the lead cop is considered a bit dysfunctional. Their interaction brings to mind Asimov’s Robot Series which he started writing way back in 1939 which I LOVED.
Next week, I’ll share my plan for a new series and my other writing goals for 2014.

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