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WOTI 7-7-7 Challenge – The Price We Paid

Kathleen Kern is a guest of our blog. She works for the human rights organization, Christian Peacemaker Teams, and has served on assignments in Haiti, the West Bank, Chiapas, Colombia, and with Indigenous communities in North America. Her first novel, Where Such Unmaking Reigns, was a finalist for Barbara Kingsolver’s Bellwether Prize and won the PeaceWriting award from the Omni Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology.

In her new work in progress, a dystopian novel The Price We Paid, the protagonist, a political dissident and philandering husband Islam Goldberg-Jones, is writing his way toward redemption. After three decades of incarceration for a crime he did not commit, he works on his prison memoir. The novel takes place in 2073.

Here are the lines 7-14 from p.77 of The Price we Paid.

My first years in prison, I probably replayed the food at that dinner as often as I replayed sexual encounters in my head. The way the turkey glistened and the skin crackled when you bit into it (it was basted inbutter—-almost everything had butter in it from the Webers’ cows. In my world, that amount of butter represented a half a week’s salary.) How the texture of the whipped potatoes and whipped sweet potatoes were two entirely different sorts of smooth, and how the skins of the cranberries prickled perfectly against the roof of the mouth in contrast to those smoothnesses.

Kathleen is still shlepping the novel around to agents. Her webpage: http://www.KathleenKern.net.


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Olga Godim’s 777 Challenge

Here are 7 lines from page 7, starting at line 7 of my fantasy novel Almost Adept. Actually, there are 9 lines, because my writer’s inner self wouldn’t allow me to cut a paragraph in midstream, but that’s a small technical detail. Don’t mind it.

The novel is scheduled for release from Burst Champagne in January 2014.

The story follows the adventures of a young mage Eriale. In the beginning of the story, she turns an obnoxious young man Gordin, who attempted to rape her, into a muttonhead (head only). Now she is in trouble.

Books never betrayed her. They were friends. She understood them. Unlike some conniving, bleating sheep. Her breathing shortened at the memory. Blast Gordin anyway! He had caused her to lose control, and now she was in deep shit.
As always, magic rushed in, soothing her agitation, placating her jumbled thoughts. Like a living creature, it sought an outlet, as yet unshaped into a spell but full and vivid; a cloud of sparkling energy. Eriale was always more comfortable with magic than with people. She often landed in trouble because of her magic too. Now she shaped the magic into a flock of illusionary winged sheep and released them into the evening sky outside the window. The sheep flew away, their wings pumping furiously.
“Ha!” she said and yanked her attention back to her problem.

I tag Kathy Trueman for the next 777 post.

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7,7,7 Post by Elizabeth Fountain

For the 7,7,7 challenge, Elizabeth Fountain is contributing seven lines starting with line seven on page seven of An Alien’s Guide to World Domination, released April 1, 2013 by BURST! Books. 
Genre: urban science fiction/fantasy.
This scene is in the prologue for An Alien’s Guide to World Domination. Sergio, a feckless interplanetary mercenary, faces the huge and terrifying alien overlord to whom he has promised the largest cyborg army in the  galaxy.
By the time he got there, he was able, ever so reluctantly, to divulge the error his
boss, the “careless General Rogers,” made. The CEO—going by the 
name of Jones—had been both enraged and relieved to have a 
scapegoat, and immediately ordered Sergio’s boss into the chambers 
of torment. Well, who knows? My luck hasn’t deserted me yet.
“Yes, my lord. I promise you will have your army.”

“What, are you still here, peon?” roared the lord. “I thought

you’d left seconds ago.


For more information about this or Elizabeth’s other writing projects, visit her website at  http://lizfountain.wordpress.com.

And now it’s Leia’s guest Cotton Davis’ turn to take on the 7,7,7 Challenge.

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