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Are There Any Original Writing Ideas Left?

That is the question that has been plaguing me for some time now. I’ve been of a mind that one needs to have an original idea to be really noticed in the publishing world which causes me to rack my brain constantly for new ideas, but in reality it has all been said and done before according to the slew of blogs written by published authors I have been perusing this past year. What is up for grabs is having an original take or building on what has come before. Some blog entries even go so far as to suggest actually using a bestselling book’s plot as the basis for your book, just change the setting and characters around.

But what has affected me the most is how often I am well into a book-in-progress and discover how similar it is to another one. I seem to have a knack for getting ahold of a book to read and having the dismal effect of discovering they got the idea to market first! But according to many others this is not such a bad thing which gives me hope because many say you will write it different with a different voice that any other author just as each snowflake is unique, so will your work be unique. This is important to me, because too often I have pushed aside an idea at the ten or twenty or even thirty thousand word count mark when I discover something similar is already on the market, and with the hordes of writers out there and growing exponentially every day, the changes of it being a different book entirely from anyone else’s is just about near impossible.

Are you plagued by such things too? I would love to hear your take on this.
January Bain


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Magic Powers part two

I have an active interest in world building like most writers do and thought compiling a list of possible superpowers that an author might tap into might be a useful enterprise. Please feel free to peruse and incorporate which ever superpower interests you. Right now, in my newest work in progress, Time Without End, I am utilizing the power called: Biokinesis: This is power to heal or perform other biological manipulation, like save a life.
*And without further ado here is the list:
Aerokinesis: The ability to mentally control wind and air flow.
Animation: The ability to bring inanimate objects to life.
Astral Projection
: The ability to separate and control one’s astral body outside of the physical body. The out-of-body experience where one can travel outside of their body.
Atmokinesis: The ability to control or manipulate the weather, like creating rain, tornadoes, fog…etc.
Aura Perception: An aura is the spiritual energy field that people and objects give off. Usually, auras convey the feelings or emotions someone gives off in a range of colors. Someone with aura perception can see these colors in someone’s aura.
Biokinesis: The power to heal or perform other biological manipulation.
Chlorokinesis: The power to control or manipulate plants.
Chronokinesis: The power to control time, and even travel through time.
Clairaudience: The ability to hear sounds coming from the spiritual plane.
Clairvoyance: The power to visually perceive events that are taking place elsewhere or sense places that are not in view.
Cryokinesis: The ability to control the element of ice, or cold in general.
Divination: The ability to predict the future.
Electrokinesis: The ability to manipulate electricity and electric fields.
Ferrokinesis: The ability to mentally manipulate metal.
Geokinesis: The power to control the element earth.
Gravitakinesis: The ability to manipulate gravity.
Hydrokinesis: The elemental ability to manipulate water.
Magnetokinesis: The ability to mentally manipulate the magnetic field.
Mediumship/Necromancy: The ability to see and communicate with the dead.
Mesmer: Similar to glamor, a vampire ability to make humans do what you what them to when you want them to.
Omnilingual: Having the ability to speak, or to understand, all languages.
Omnipotence: This one pretty much means unlimited power. Usually only deities have this.
Omniscience: Another power that only deities tend to have, it’s the is the capacity to know everything infinitely.
Photokinesis: The ability to mentally manipulate light.
Power Absorption: The ability to absorb another person’s powers, leaving the person powerless.
Power Bestowal : The ability to bestow powers upon another person or wake up the latent powers of others.
Power Mimicry: Similar to power absorption, except mimicry is the ability to absorb another’s powers while leaving the other person’s powers intact.
Power Negation: The ability to cancel out or diminish the powers of others.
Power Sensing: The ability to sense the powers of another person.
Precognition: The ability to see events before they happen.
Presentience: A form of precognition where one senses events before they happen instead of “seeing” them.
Psychokinetic: The ability to mentally move objects.
Psychometric: The power to read the history of an object by touching it.
Pyrokinesis: The elemental power to manipulate fire, or heat.
Remote Viewing: The ability to mentally view a distant unseen target.
Shape shifting: This is an obvious one; it’s the power to transform your body into another form, like an animal.
Sonokinesis: The ability to mentally manipulate sound waves.
Spiritual Possession: The ability to take complete and total control of another person’s body.
Tactile Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate objects by touching them.
Technopathy: The ability to manipulate electronics.
Telekinesis: Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind.
Telepathy: The ability to read the thoughts of others.
Teleportation: The ability to disappear from one place and reappear in another.

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The sequel to my fantasy novel, Watcher, is due out this month, so I thought I would show off a sneak peek of Abomination here today!
              Hope stirred in Willow’s belly like bees in a clover patch. “Oh, Ethan! I know how I’m to get back home!”

             She dug in the pocket of her dress, squealing in delight when her fingers touched the rough little seed pods she stuffed inside before she left the keep at Fern Hollow. There was too much grass where she stood, so she scurried this way and that, looking for a patch of proper soil, finally tumbling down a dip in the bluff to a patch of earth where the grass thinned out as the soil met the white sand of the beach.

            Ethan dropped his small collection of sticks and followed her, perplexed to see the girl who whined so much about the stains on her frock plopping herself down in the dirt, yanking at the grass, scratching at the soil with a crooked little stick so brittle it snapped with each scrape. Once the stick was broken to the nub, she began pulling little seeds from her pocket and scattering them in the freshly tilled soil.

           She looked up at him, blowing a stray curl from her face. “Well, are you going to stand there or are you going to help me?”

           Ethan clenched his jaw. “I think you’ve gone batty. It will be dark soon. The cold is piercing already. Get out of the dirt and help me find some wood for a fire!”

           “Now who’s daft? Don’t you see? I’m the child of prophecy. From the Flower and the Raven a child will spring; to Luminar seeds of change she’ll bring. I’ll plant these seeds, and then I can go home,” Willow explained, patting bits of earth over her seeds.

            “Why would Luminar need to change anything?” Ethan asked, haughtily.

            Willow stood up, rubbing the dirt off her hands and brushing off her dress. “Maybe staring at everything white, gray, and green all day every day has made you all testy.” She looked up at him with sparkling brown eyes and grabbed his elbow. “These are marigold seeds, Ethan! They’re lovely flowers, bright, cheery shades of yellow and orange, some with little bits of red in them!”

             He sighed. “It’s autumn, Willow. We may have a mild climate, but it is still not the season for gardening. Besides, my father and I rarely come to the shore anymore. Who’s going to tend to your little flower garden?”

             Willow scowled and crossed her arms, hope wilting. “God will. Just like he does these white ones.”

             Ethan rolled his eyes and went back up the knoll to retrieve his firewood. “Fine then, Willow. You’ve planted your seeds. It will be a spring of change for Luminar. Now will you lend a hand before we’ve no light at all?”

Be sure to read book one if you haven’t already:


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Magic Powers

When I discovered our theme for the month on Worlds of the Imaginations was magic powers I just had to get onboard. 

I began writing because I desperately craved having a magic power. And that theme has come out time and again in my novels. It’s allowed me to build worlds in ways that have satisfied my need to feel this power albeit through my characters.

What is this power you ask? The power I most want is the power to heal another person. Not cutting into them like a surgeon or the dispensing of drugs, but laying on of hands to send the “powers of light” coursing into them and have them heal from the inside out. As if the condition had never existed in the first place.

The first time I used this power of healing was in the novel, Forever Man, when my heroine healed her man to save the day. The second was in Blood Moon Justice where the heroine’s powers had been expanded to include not only healing, but telepathy and telekinesis. That gal was so good she worked in a bar and could stop a drink from hitting the floor and saving the cleanup! I so enjoy strong heroines. They need kick-ass attitude and have abilities I don’t have to make the journey with them satisfying for me. And in my imagination, that’s just so easy and so much fun to do.

I look forward, with pleasure, to reading about other author’s super power choices.
January Bain

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The Freedom of a Pen Name and other Musings

According to Wikipedia, “a pen name, nom de plume, or literary double, is a pseudonym adopted by an author”. I decided a few months back to embrace the concept never guessing what a journey of words would follow my entry into this world. I came to the decision because as a teacher, even writing a simple sweet love scene, I felt the hard breath of critics standing behind my shoulder. It was such a fine line between acceptable and not acceptable it was stifling. Hence the pen name. But a curious thing happened after I introduced my new ego onto the internet, she began to collect more friends than me! And it was without a personal photograph because I can’t show “me” or I lose the anonymity. That I found strange. Here I am as my first self, January Bain, with smiling photo and “she” gets more friends and hits. I think I’m jealous!

I have been driven for some time now by my characters and my books. A day without some time spent writing feels wasteful and I have fully embraced my need to tell stories. I keep thinking I won’t have enough time to get it all down. (Possibly because I lost two precious brothers so young.) Time spent doing other things feels like just time getting ready to go back to my writing fresh again and sometimes it’s just annoying that other things need to be done. I’m going to assume this is normal for writers because a lot of us are an obsessive Type “A” personalities. I’ve blogged about balance in life before and how hard it is to achieve. I’m still working on it. It’s helped that my wonderful husband is aware of my obsession and encourages me to keep control of it. With just a few words he can remind me that having a life is also valuable and will only help my writing.

Which gets me to my main point to muse about today. I’ve heard it said it’s the third point in a letter or discussion that is the one a person is really trying to get around to. I have been blogging about my writing journey for a few years now and just recently began to wonder if I had anything fresh or new to say. I find it easy to write about the journey of writing, especially in a new genre. When I began my first science fiction book I think I wrote as much about the journey of writing it as words in the book! But this time round I’m writing in a new genre that January Bain cannot blog much about as she is a teacher, if you know what I mean, so that’s out for fodder for blogs. So now I turn to my fellow artists and will read even more of what they are blogging about and hope for inspiration to hit in those wealthy veins. So I’m thanking all the writers, entertainers, actors and comedians out there well ahead of time for being my possible new muse. Thanks a heap!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

January Bain
The Forever Series
Champagne Books


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Feed Your Imagination with Fantasy Book Tour Week 2

Join Champagne authors Rita Bay, Graeme Brown, L.T, Getty, and R.J. Hore in our Feed Your Imagination with Fantasy Book Tour from March 31st through April 25th. Through our tour host, Juniper Grove Book Solutions, we’ll blog, interview, and visit with book lovers across the internet. The schedule for the week is listed below. Our tour central page contains the full schedule and blurbs, excerpts, and buy links for the tour books HERE.

Our tour sponsor, Champagne Book Group (Champagne Books and Burst Imprints), is offering up five ebooks at the end of the tour. Enter to win at the bottom of the tour central page HERE . I’m offering two ebooks (Into the Lyons Den and Finding Eve) each week in a drawing to readers who comment on my blog (two winners each week). Extra entries (one for each) for following me on Facebook or following my blog .


Check out where we’ll be this week

Monday, April 14 L.T. Getty’s Guest Post at Sheila Deeth

R.J. Hore’s Guest Post at The Flipside of Julianne

S.M.’s Book Review of Graeme Brown’s The Pact at S.M. Bysh Author

Tuesday, April 15  CCAM’s Interview of Rita Bay at Mythical Books

L.T. Getty’s Guest Post at The Cheshire Cat’s Looking Glass

Wed, April 16  Denise’s Review of Rita Bay’s Finding Eve at Rantings of a Closet Vamp Princess

Jaidis’s Interview of R.J. Hore at Juniper Grove

Thur, April 17  J. Hooligan’s Review of Graeme Brown’s The Pact at Platypire Reviews

Rita Bay’s Bucket List at Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews

Friday, April 18


Graeme Brown’s Guest Post & of Rebecca’s Review of The Pact at Spellbindings

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Feed Your Imagination with Fantasy

Join Champagne/Burst authors Rita Bay, Graeme Brown, L.T, Getty, and R.J. Hore in our Feed Your Imagination with Fantasy Book Tour from March 31st through April 25th. Through our tour host, Juniper Grove Book Solutions, we’ll blog, interview, and visit with book lovers across the internet. The schedule for the week is listed below. Our tour central page contains the full schedule and blurbs, excerpts, and buy links for the tour books HERE. teaser Our tour sponsor, Champagne Book Group (Champagne Books and Burst Imprints), is offering up five ebooks at the end of the tour. Enter to win at the bottom of the tour central page HERE . Check out where we’ll be this week.

Mon, April 7

Laura’s Review of Rita Bay’s Finding Eve at Trip Down Imagination Road
Tuesday, April 8 R.J. Hore’s Guest Post at The Cheshire Cat’s Looking GlassGraeme Brown’s Ten’s List at Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews
Wed, April 9 Jaidis’s Interview of Rita Bay at Juniper Grove
Thur, April 10 CCAM’s Interview of L.T. Getty at Mythical BooksS.M.’s Review of L.T. Getty’s Tower of Obsidian at S.M. Bysh Author
Friday, April 11

Laura’s Review of Graeme Brown’s The Pact at Trip Down Imagination Road


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The Luxury of Vampire Time

I have always wanted to do things once without anyone knowing I have practiced, and then do them again—perfectly. And I now know why. There is much dignity in the rhythm of knowing how to do things well. And much comfort. And maybe, just maybe, a little ease for the fragile ego. Because I have always felt eyes upon me—judging eyes that catch every misstep.

Perhaps this is another reason for my love of all things vampire, if I have any need of another. They have this time, this wonderful, incredible spans of endless time to really do things well. To have the luxury of doing everything perfectly, at least with all the time in the world to practice, seems to this mortal a very big deal indeed.

And what would I spend these endless millennia of time on? Well, that’s a no-brainer! More storytelling, of course. Time to become a great storyteller sounds like paradise to me. What draws you to the paranormal storyline?

January Bain
Forever Man
Forever Woman
Forever Clan
Forever Angel

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Putting on the Fur

My apologies for being MIA in the last few weeks – let’s just say I needed to replace my laptop.

Over the winter holidays, I chanced across an independent game called Heroine Quest – it’s a puzzle game in addition to having a warrior option for me to muscle my way through it. If you are hankering for something nostalgic and full of Norse-Mythos, I highly recommend it.

One of the characters is not all that she seems – towards the end of the game, you’ll have the option of returning her to original form if you can solve the puzzle. While I’m less familiar with the Norse version, the earliest interpretation of something similar came from a Shetlandic Source – the Selkie. For the sake of this article, we’ll go with the Animal Wife motif, but tons of legends allow for the male versions seducing human women as well, although in my reading experience it tends to be more towards a mythic booty-call then marriage. What this won’t cover is stories of metamorphosis that is not common to the creature. For example: Zeus had a habit of changing shape and turning nymphs into creatures to hide them from Hera’s wrath. Shapeshifting and lycanthropes can be covered in a future article.

The selkie was thought to be a seal that, when removing its animal skin, reveal a typically attractive human beneath. If human men could steal the skin, the maiden selkie would be forced to marry him and have his children. Typically in the stories, the wife would stare longingly at the sea and weep, and it was often her children that would return her skin to her – through a child singing a song telling her where to find the skin, or the child coming across the garment and not knowing the significance. She would then take the garment and return to her home/seal husband. Generally speaking in the story, she would avoid her human husband but go back and play/see her children.

There are numerous interpretations of the variety of animals seen in this motif – I’m familiar with the idea of an otter, but there’s the Icelandic Swan Maiden, African Buffalo-Maidens and Croatian She-Wolf. Some stories even mention faeries and spirits whose clothes are compromised and they become bound to the humans who see them.  An interesting near-subversion would be the Japanese Kitsune, or fox-spirit, who were more dangerous then many of their other counterparts. Often times, if the kitsune chose to marry a human man, she would do so until he discovered her true identity. Given the crafty nature of kitsunes, it was probably a good thing for the poor husband if she merely ran off and didn’t cause trouble – but what kind of stories would those be?

Do you have a favourite story about an animal who shed their fur or feathers to become human? How about a tale of an ordinary human who found the skin – and had some unintended furry consequences?

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Sci-fi inventions for the year 2723 for PLANET

My inventions: 2723 A.D. for the novel PLANET by January Bain

I thought someone out there in virtual land might enjoy reading about the things I needed to invent for a sci-fi book I wrote a while ago. It was a very interesting process for this writer and one I hope to repeat as often as necessary, doctor’s orders.

(1) Rejuvenation Institute for DNA stem cell therapy serum injections that “sets” the body back 50 years to enable a type of immortality.

(2) 100 Earth Zones under one United World Government.

(3) Automatic robot that cleans the apartment: Turbo-Robot (my personal favorite)

(4) Titan: More than twenty-three hundred kilometers across, the massive rock and ice structure was bigger than the total square kilometer size of Area Two. The largest of the one hundred Zones that gridded the planet, it stretched its tentacles from the Mississippi River system through the Great Plains to foot of the Rocky Mountains, from the former Canadian/US border to the state of Texas.

(5) New Earth

(6) An army of unleashed von Neumann probes, those self-replicating robots that are “seeding” the galaxy with terraform. (I didn’t invent this as it has already been mentioned for by scientists.)

(7) Previous Disasters: tainted through the centuries by numerous plagues of man-made viruses, nuclear explosions, naturally occurring volcanic eruptions of scalding lava that had burst inopportunely through the crust on occasion, the near collapse of the ecosystem that planted the idea for their current United World Government and one biotech disaster that decimated the entire population of Zones Ten through Twenty.

(8) Gabaray (space incinerator) turns space junk to dust.

(9) Implanted miniature chip that allows instant access to a device that acts similar to a twenty-first century cell phone. Also, it has reduced crime to virtually nonexistent due to its tracking nature.

(10) Flash-8, their very own personal flying conveyance that holds one to three people depending on style: ex. Rover (two people) or Viewer (one person) or Sedan (three people) Mind-controlled crafts.

(11) Nearly invisible headsets that allow you to mentally key in your thoughts to be later downloaded and stored in the library memory hard-drive for future generations.

(12) Movie screens inside your head or that can also be projected to a 3-D hologram for everyone to enjoy.

(13) Library of Data.

(14) Space Arks for the Exodus.

(15) Runatrons as slip-on, one-size-fits-all magnetic shoes that you ride just above the ground sort of like the old fashioned Segway people mover.

(16) Communiviewer: internal viewer much like a cell phone.

(17) Cyber-replicates to use for mundane and dangerous jobs.

(18) Hand-held FTL88 processor for recording information: lightweight, sturdy and see-through.

(19) Child-find trackers.

And so the list will grow. Hope you found it fun to peruse. Wishing you a great day!
Best, January Bain
The Forever Series


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