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Abomination 777 Challenge Post

Our 7, 7, 7 challenge continues here on the WOTI blog! Today I am posting 7 lines from page 7 of one of my latest works in progress, a fantasy novel called Abomination (the sequel to Watcher).

Last Hope’s king was finally going to seek vengeance against Forest End, and Eric was going to be vital in that endeavor.  King Acheron said so himself.  But Eric was not feeling quite himself since his visit with the king.  He was no longer alone inside his mind, and it was all he could do to keep from driving a spike through his own temple, just to get the other out.

“Don’t take it out on us, Eric.  It’s Acheron who’s to blame.  He’s the one who’s used us as a guinea pig.”

“Don’t say ‘us.’  There is no ‘us.’  There is only me.”

I am finishing up my final revisions on this one, and hope to submit it to my editor soon. Like my fan page on Facebook for updates!

Tag, Josh Langston, you’re it! Our 7, 7, 7 challenge is almost over. We’re hoping some of you will carry on with the challenge starting in August.




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WOTI 7-7-7 Challenge – The Price We Paid

Kathleen Kern is a guest of our blog. She works for the human rights organization, Christian Peacemaker Teams, and has served on assignments in Haiti, the West Bank, Chiapas, Colombia, and with Indigenous communities in North America. Her first novel, Where Such Unmaking Reigns, was a finalist for Barbara Kingsolver’s Bellwether Prize and won the PeaceWriting award from the Omni Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology.

In her new work in progress, a dystopian novel The Price We Paid, the protagonist, a political dissident and philandering husband Islam Goldberg-Jones, is writing his way toward redemption. After three decades of incarceration for a crime he did not commit, he works on his prison memoir. The novel takes place in 2073.

Here are the lines 7-14 from p.77 of The Price we Paid.

My first years in prison, I probably replayed the food at that dinner as often as I replayed sexual encounters in my head. The way the turkey glistened and the skin crackled when you bit into it (it was basted inbutter—-almost everything had butter in it from the Webers’ cows. In my world, that amount of butter represented a half a week’s salary.) How the texture of the whipped potatoes and whipped sweet potatoes were two entirely different sorts of smooth, and how the skins of the cranberries prickled perfectly against the roof of the mouth in contrast to those smoothnesses.

Kathleen is still shlepping the novel around to agents. Her webpage:

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Celia Breslin’s – 7-7-7 Challenge – The Vampire Code

Hi Everyone!
Happy to be here with my WOTI pals to share a snippet of my WiP, The Vampire Code, for their 7-7-7 Challenge. This urban fantasy short story is a prequel to my recent urban fantasy romance release, HAVEN.

The story opens in May, three months prior to the start of Haven. A naughty, newbie vampire has attacked Carina. Jonas delivers swift and painful punishment for the transgression. But…not on page seven. There, we catch Jonas in a moment of reflection…

* * *

His mind flashed to her as a little girl. He almost cracked a rare smile at the memory of her dark ringlets bouncing around her snow-white face as she bounded up to greet him every night with the same request.
“Let’s fly, Jonas! C’mon!” she’d insist, beguiling him with her dark eyes, arms uplifted in excited anticipation.
And he had acquiesced every time. I could deny her nothing.
 He, the most feared vampire of the Tranquilli cosca, her father’s left hand and third in command of the fiercest vampires in existence, Jonas the Executioner…brought to his knees by a child.

* * *

The Vampire Code will release October, 2013 from Champagne Books. HAVEN is available now, also from Champagne Books.
For more info, visit my Web site:

Happy reading!


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Guest Interview & Giveaway with Susan Stec

leaf background flowered frame Soahc low pix

Thanks so much to Susan Stec for being our guest today. Susan is the author of the Grateful Undead series, the Dark and Deadly Novella series, and is here today to talk about her YA fantasy, The Other F Word. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a free ebook copy of this fun fae story!

Susan, if you could pick any fantasy world to live in, which would it be and why?

I have two choices:

I’d like to be a pixie and live among the fae. I love to laugh, and being a pixie trickster, all full of pesky fun, would be so amusing, especially since most humans would not be able to see me. I might let them hear me giggle, though. Still, it might be fun to let them see me, but you have to believe to see the fae, and then it’s just a wonder-filled second that is, later, usually explained away as something else.

My second choice would be to feel the forest as a shape shifter–probably a wolf—nose to the ground, taking up the hunt and being able to run, all lean, muscled, and agile, with an ability to scent my prey and stealthily follow. Roll on the ground, swim in a pond, and prance along a riverbed with no human inhibitions. Wild animals have a strong passion for the basics in life. I think werewolves take that passion with them into the real world.

What makes the fantasy world in your novel different from the regular world?

The setting is in Wandermere, a humanized fairy world where faelings are allowed to dress, live, and basically adapt any type of behavior from the other side of the portal. The plan was to acclimate two very special faelings to the behaviors of humans, enabling them to better interact in that world. But not everything on the fairy side of the portal is what it appears. The elders of Wandermere soon learn the other children, the ones they’ve deemed unimportant, have created a nightmare that will cause the extinction of their race and the death of the two Marked and Fated to save it.

What inspired this book?

I’ve always loved fairies; had dreams of the small wicked or helpful creatures running wild in our woods, lakes, homes, and gardens. I’d like to think they put the luck in our lucky situations, like being in the right place at the right time; or those karma kickbacks for our not so smart moves. Heck, I bet they’re responsible for missing socks in the dryer or misplaced keys, might even be why our cats get all wonky, jump, hiss and swipe at thin air for no apparent reason. Yep, very well could be fairies that create unexplained surprises or mini nightmares.

One day I was turning the pages of one of my Brian Frond or Judy Allen illustration books, can’t remember which, both are awesome, and I pondered the question, “What if fairies decided to dress and act like humans?” 

The visuals made me laugh. Come on! How funny would a one inch fairy with wings, wearing jeans, a tee shirt and tennis shoes, rocking to an mp3 player, or texting on an iPhone be? Especially if they displayed some major attitude. As I began to write, I visualized the kids driving butterflies, centipedes, or other bugs to school, and the most unpopular girl getting stuck with a big ugly dragonfly that was not only directionally challenged, but ate other bug vehicles. From there I thought about a buzz (rave) where the popular kids meet to dance, and I wondered what would happen if someone spiked the honey and fairies began to disappear. That’s when a plot started to form.

What’s your process like when it comes to world-building? Any tips for other fantasy authors?

Research! Research! Research! And add as much as you can about what you know or have experienced.

With this book, I revisited a great deal of folk lore and myth, researched Disney movies, teen books, slang, and fads over the years. I wanted to create dialogue with unique slang and actions that could be peppered with myth, kid’s entertainment and human traits. I also wanted to bring bugs into my world; bug jargon, bug vehicles, and bug insults. I researched insects in Florida because my portal from the fairy world would lead into an area in Florida that I was familiar with. I mentally adapted everything to size, like an ordinary oak tree and what it would be like to live inside the tree, how a hollow would look from the inside out. What it would be like to be small enough to live in and around cypress knees on the edge of the water. How it would feel to drive a dragonfly, sit on a palmetto bush covered in Spanish moss, or skim mosquito larvae from a pond.

Tell us what The Other F Word is about in 25 words or less:

A fairy girl deals with intolerance, forbidden attraction, friendships, betrayal, and her race’s expectations.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Twitter: @suesan0814

This month we’re doing the 7,7,7 challenge on the WOTI blog, would you like to participate?

Here are three sections from The Grateful Undead Series:

pg77, line 7 from Blood Sweat and Demon Tears: “And someone put some duct-tape across her mouth,” Warren ordered.

pg 7 line 7 Gator Baitin’: Christopher actually offed her, and then turned me. That won him a seat on our team of vamp-animal extinguishers.

Page 7 line 7 They’re so Vein: JoAnn’s eyes jumped to the mirror. She screeched and turned around in her seat. “You…you… you have big teeth! What the?

Great snippets, Susan! Thanks so much for being here. And now, tag, JA Garland, you’re next for the 7,7,7 challenge! Readers, don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win an e-copy of The Other F Word.


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Olga Godim’s 777 Challenge

Here are 7 lines from page 7, starting at line 7 of my fantasy novel Almost Adept. Actually, there are 9 lines, because my writer’s inner self wouldn’t allow me to cut a paragraph in midstream, but that’s a small technical detail. Don’t mind it.

The novel is scheduled for release from Burst Champagne in January 2014.

The story follows the adventures of a young mage Eriale. In the beginning of the story, she turns an obnoxious young man Gordin, who attempted to rape her, into a muttonhead (head only). Now she is in trouble.

Books never betrayed her. They were friends. She understood them. Unlike some conniving, bleating sheep. Her breathing shortened at the memory. Blast Gordin anyway! He had caused her to lose control, and now she was in deep shit.
As always, magic rushed in, soothing her agitation, placating her jumbled thoughts. Like a living creature, it sought an outlet, as yet unshaped into a spell but full and vivid; a cloud of sparkling energy. Eriale was always more comfortable with magic than with people. She often landed in trouble because of her magic too. Now she shaped the magic into a flock of illusionary winged sheep and released them into the evening sky outside the window. The sheep flew away, their wings pumping furiously.
“Ha!” she said and yanked her attention back to her problem.

I tag Kathy Trueman for the next 777 post.

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Misa Buckley’s 777 Challenge

Author Misa Buckley joins us today for the 7,7,7 Challenge.
Here’s seven lines from her latest work in progress, Comfortably Numb, a sci-fi romance:
“I’ll speak to Doctor Phaedas and make sure he tells you everything.”
“Thank you.”
I could relax now, and leant back against the pillows as she undertook a few tests and a sample of my blood. She made more notes on her tablet before hurrying out. Guilt twinged at the speed at which she left; I hadn’t wanted to make her feel uncomfortable. But then by the same measure, I didn’t want to be kept in the dark any longer. I needed to know what had happened so I could take control. I needed to know how bad things were so I could figure out if I’d be able to race again.
This one is still in the works, but for more information on this and other books by Misa, visit her website:
And now, tag, Olga Godim, you’re it!

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The Hitchhiker 7, 7, 7 challenge

D.L. Tabor tagged me to continue the 7, 7, 7 challenge here on the WOTI blog, so I am posting 7 lines from page 77, line 7 of my work in progress, a humorous paranormal thriller called The Hitchhiker

She liked Artemus.  He seemed straightforward, and unwilling to put up with her smart-ass ways.  He was a lot like her daddy, except softer around the edges.  She waved off his offer and got up to leave.  She wasn’t worried, at first, but then everyone in the room started acting like she was on her way to death row, shaking their heads, avoiding her stare.  I want fried chicken, and keep the governor’s line open.

Stepping out into the fresh air revived her a little as she made her way to the JTD.  It was overcast, again, but there was a promise of afternoon sun in the blue horizon.

The Hitchhiker will be available from Burst Books November 2013.  For more information, visit my website Okay, I think Leia has a guest lined up to post next week so, tag, you’re it!


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The WOTI 7-7-7 Challenge Kickoff

Have you ever picked up a novel, opened it to a random page and read a snippet to see if the book was worth reading? During July, the Worlds of the Imagination writers are going to put our books to the ‘snippet test’ with the 7, 7, 7 challenge. We will be posting 7 lines starting from the 7th line of page 7 or 77 of our latest works. Check it out and let us know how we do! (Thanks to Audra Middleton for the “snippet.”)

Since I’m first, I’ll share a snippet of my next Champagne release and for tomorrow tag Graeme Brown.

“Finding Eve,” Book 2 of The Lyons Tales from Champagne Books in September

Lady Bat nodded. “I knew Ellen was evil, but I couldn’t prove anything. In all my years, I’ve never seen any of the People behave as she did.” She looked through the bag of snacks. “I asked Cynthia to keep an eye on her. She had performed sensitive work for me before, but she was never able to catch Ellen at anything. The bitch played on everyone’s sympathies over the loss of her family. Can’t believe that she remained at Lyons’ Den so long after her welcome had worn out. Ellen had no friends. Only the one grandson survived from her family.”

Marie shook her head. “And now he’s dead while following her orders.”

Tomorrow, Graeme Brown meets the challenge.


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