Recycling doesn‘t have to be limited to aluminum, paper, and plastic. I recycle my prose.

Case in point – a while back I had this idea for an Ugly Duckling type fantasy story. It was going to be funny and meaningful… except that it turned out to be trite. So I shelved it, frustrated that the touching story in my head did not translate to something palatable for others when I put it on paper.

Then I had this really sick idea. Instead of a happy ending, what if I threw in this warped Twilight Zone style twist? I honestly didn’t think it would work – trying to combine sick and twisted with humor. So I ignored my instincts and left the story on the shelf.

Then a friend of mine asked me for a short story for his speculative fiction anthology. I dusted off my trite Ugly Duckling story and gave the new disturbing ending a shot. As it turned out, the storyline I doubted actually worked.

The great thing about writing is, nothing is ever a total failure. Even if the end product is a bust, there’s always a chance you can salvage part of it for another project. Use one of the characters in a different storyline, steal that lovely bit of description in another setting, or try a new, out-of-the-box ending and see what happens. The possibilities are endless. I once took a goofy story I wrote in third grade and made it into a funny sci-fi story.

Being ‘green’ with my words presents a fun challenge. Sometimes the end result is a great piece – and sometimes it’s just more fodder for my recycling bin.

Check out my short story, The Witch’s Cure!




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6 responses to “Recycling

  1. januarybain

    I love that! Green words recycled!

  2. Thanks, January! Words, like minds, are a terrible thing to waste :).

  3. Great post, Audra. I recycle too. I had a chapter in the first draft of Almost Adept and I didn’t like it. So I deleted it, but of course I saved the text. Now, I think it would fit well into another novel I’ve started recently. Let’s us all go “green with out words.” Fantastic expression!

  4. Like minds! I have a nice shower scene saved. I went over the word count on Carnal Passions’ Her Teddy Bare. I’ll brush it off, maybe heat it up and put it in the sequel, Cupid’s Sizzling Courtship. How’s that for some mean green?

    • januarybain

      Wow, Rita, who knew! Been writing in that genre myself the last few months as my other self. (Pen name of course which has to remain totally unknown due to my day job!) I too love to use my “green” words when it fits elsewhere perfectly. Nothing wasted, eh! Audra has certainly hit a hot spot, no pun intended. 🙂 Happy writing everyone!

  5. So glad we’ll get a chance to read that shower scene! Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

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