Building a Series: THE BIG PICTURE

Series-Big Pic

When I thought about the content of my February posts, I wanted to do something with a romance theme that was also related to writing. I admit that most of my posts on WOTI have been about stories, cultures, and heroes (I LOVE heroes.) rather than the mechanics of writing. For the next month, I plan to share my ideas for developing a story or series. Can’t guarantee that any of it will work for you, so check it out and toss the trash. You’ll also score a few handouts that might land in the trash also.

Each Monday I’ll discuss a topic related to building a series: The Big Picture, Setting the Theme, Building the World, Developing the Characters, and Growing the Stories. Finally I plan to close with Confessions of a Rogue Storyteller in which I’ll share the lowdown on the “You must always” rules of writing which haven’t worked for me and a few that did. I’ll also include a few “rules” garnered from conferences and successful authors that have been helpful for me.

FYI, throughout this month, I plan to develop a series of mythology-based erotic novellas with a common theme. I promise not to get too risqué here. One of the hints that I’m not holding back to the end is the importance of planning ahead. I keep a physical folder of “story plans,” not just a sheet of ideas for stories but plans that evolve over time. I use those individual sheets to update matching folders in the computer under MY DOCUMENTS – WRITING. Each story has its own folder under WRITING. Right now, I have about twelve stories that I plan to write over the next two years with written and computer files. Since I write novellas and novels below 60,000 words with occasional short stories thrown in, that’s not too ambitious.

When Champagne’s Carnal Passions line issued a Call for Submissions for Aphrodite’s Island, I saw the perfect opportunity to write one of my stories that I had filed away in my WRITING folder. When Aphrodite opened the island resort, it had one goal…to give the guests the ultimate in fantasy experiences. Miss ‘A’ established rules which guide the guests in their quest for the ultimate romantic fantasy…one sensual encounter at a time. I took my Coop’s Gym & Spa series plan out of the file and took the couple to Aphrodite’s Island. Her Teddy Bare is a humorous short story published last year which includes a bit of BDSM with a chuckle. Her Teddy Bare is available HERE for $.99. Check out the blurb below.

FINALHerTeddyBare_600x900Diana will be his to serve if only he can convince her to play the game. After dumping her cheating fiancé, Diana Harper accepts an invitation “to attend a private event at Miss A’s island retreat to experience your most secret dreams and fondest fantasies.” Miss A gives “Teddy” to Diana as an “attendant.” Despite his best efforts, Teddy isn’t a submissive and the skimpy gold thong is ridiculous on a man his size. Although she’s not a domme, Diana plays his game to see where it leads. When Teddy offers her profound passion, the best sex ever, and the prospect of love, will she take a chance on another broken heart?

Theodore Bareston will do whatever it takes to win Diana’s love, even though “whatever” includes wearing a thong and posing nude in chains when Diana’s interest in her art revives. As the sexual tension builds and passions explode, can Teddy convince Diana that he is the only man for her?

Next Monday, Setting the Theme for my new series.




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3 responses to “Building a Series: THE BIG PICTURE

  1. Oh, yah, series are fun, and demanding. I can give you a hint or two on what I found most helpful, and the horrible mistake I made. I’m planning another and this time I won’t make that same mistake!

  2. I love your approach to story-telling – very organic and organized.

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