The multiverse for world-building, thanks to Brian Greene!

“You know what blows me away about our known universe. It’s how it’s so ideally suited for life as we know it. For example, if the protons in an atom were just 0.2 more massive than they actually are, they would be unstable and decay into smaller particles. Atoms would not exist and neither would we! If gravity were just slightly more powerful, the consequences would be nearly as grave. It would cause stars to run through their fuel at a fraction of the time and sputter out before life as we know it had a chance to evolve. In other words, the universe is life-friendly. Too many coincidences to be mere accidents according to many scientists.”

*Using the tenants from the above declaration made by one of my characters in a previous novel, I began to wonder how world building for a new multiverse might play out. (I’ve watched a lot of science shows hosted by the incomparable Brian Green and sat enthralled through them.) What could I add that would differ in a useful way for my storytelling from here on Earth? I decided on using a time travel scenario by creating a wormhole that could be used as a “bridge” to the past that would allow my characters to meet up at different times in history because that just sounds like so much fun to set up. And the ensuing chaos will help with the storytelling, eh.

Secondly, I imagined a looser kind of morality that would allow for a lot more fun. We can sometimes be such prudes here on Earth so a universe with more scope in that direction just might add a whole new slant to things. And it looks like some readers are looking for stories that cross many genres, at least according to some of the blogs I’ve been reading, so that just might be the needed impetuous, right?

Thirdly, a new universe would be a great place for all the supernaturals to hang out, which would explain their elusiveness here on Earth—think Big Foot. Gives them their own place where they can visit our planet when they chose which means we need portal(s) to that other world that I’m going to call Outrider due to their outlaw nature.

Fourthly, the new world creatures just accept reincarnation as a fact, like some believe in right here on Earth.

Fifthly, time travels much slower on this new world adding to the sense of it being a haven. You can visit this universe and get back to Earth before very much has changed. Rather a useful premise for storytelling.

Now, to find out more you will just have to read the series when it’s finished. First Book: Blood Moon Justice coming soon.

How does world building work for you? Do you fly by the seat of your pants as you go or do you plan everything ahead of time? I’d really like to know.

Best, January Bain
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