Interview with Hitchhiker characters #2

Next month my new novel, Hitchhiker, will be released. In anticipation, I’m interviewing some of the main characters here during my regular post. Today’s interview will be with Dylan Miller, the Department of Interagency Investigations’ brilliant analyst.

Thanks for being here today, Dylan. Or should I call you Dove? That’s your nickname, right?

Who are you and how do you know my names? Did Clark send you?

I’m the author. Who’s Clark?

Clark is a voice I hear, mostly. What do you mean, ‘the author?’

I’m writing your story, Dove. So you hear voices?

I usually just hear Clark’s voice, but now I’m hearing your voice. I’m guessing you’re just another hallucination caused by my schizophrenia, because I never asked anyone to write my story.

How do you manage to keep a job with the FBI with a mental illness?

Just because I have a mental illnesses doesn’t mean I can’t be a productive member of society. I take medication, and having an IQ of 180 helps. Seriously, who sent you?

How do you feel about your new co-worker?

What, you mean Ainsley? Ainsley’s good. Just as long as she doesn’t touch me or sneeze on me or anything. I mean, I wish I could touch her, but she’s got those burrowing epithelials. I can’t have her thinking my thoughts. Clark put you up to this, didn’t he?

Okay, I think that’s about it for now. Join me next month when I interview the DII’s very own conman, Jack Conway.



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