Guest Post with Rhiannon Paille, Author of The Ferryman and the Flame Series

Just what is a Ferryman, you might ask? Well, I don’t want to give away too much – author Rhiannon Paille is here to tell you why they are more awesome than Zombies. You can check out any of her books on Goodreads by clicking on her covers, or check out more information on her website. Her first novel, Surrender, is about two elves who decide to tell destiny that they’re carving their own path – and the consequences are devastating. 
Why Ferrymen are better than Zombies.
I know the zombie craze is big right now and that everyone who is anyone is writing about them, but I’d like to divert your attention today from the zombies to explain why Ferrymen are better in every way that counts.
1. Zombies have rotting flesh and Ferrymen don’t.
Technically when the Ferryman is on the boat he’s a skeleton, but when the Ferryman steps onto land, he transforms – skin, muscles, lips, eyes, everything. It’s like you can’t remember he was ever a skeleton at all.
2. Zombies can’t speak very well, and Ferrymen can.
Zombies don’t have souls so their motor functions are seriously questionable whereas Ferrymen are immortal, they’ve experienced life for hundreds and thousands of years. They know every country and have lived through the best and worst parts of history. To say they have a way with words is an understatement, they are the kings of suave, sensual, pillow talk.
3. Zombies only want one thing . . .
Ferrymen want things too, but while a Zombie will try and crack open your brain and eat your soul, a Ferryman will ensure your soul has a safe passing to the other side so you can be reincarnated. Zombies don’t do much for you in terms of reincarnation.
4. Zombies are fairly easy to kill . . .
And Ferrymen are impossible to kill. They live approximately ten thousand years, and are impervious to death until their successor comes along. A Ferryman can also die if they let too many other souls be taken by Vultures, but most Ferryman don’t let that happen.
5. Zombies are a disease
And Ferryman only exist in twelve families in the Lands Across the Stars. You can’t randomly become infected and become a Ferryman . . . but that doesn’t mean you can’t fall for one.



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