Guest Post with Holly Hunt, author of The Devil’s Wife and Scale and Feather

Joining us this morning is fellow Champagne/Burst author, Holly Hunt, who is here to tell us a little more about her title, The Devil’s Wife. You can learn more about Holly by checking out her website 


What makes your fantasy world different from ours?

Were’s not much difference between the world of The Devil’s Wife and our world. It’s a few years from now, and everything’s a bit darker, but that’s how dark fantasy is. New York,  2055AD, police corruption gone nuts… Not a fun place to be, really.

What inspired this book?

The Devil’s Wife was based on a short story I wrote when I was 14 or 15, called ‘Lucifer’s Life’. In it was all the basic points, with a couple of changes – Lucifer gave Clarissa a hellhound, there was no Aspen, and it was entirely self-contained with only the four characters (Lucifer, Clarissa, the hound and God). That story was based off a documentary I saw about the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. Don’t ask me how that’s connected, I have no idea!

Are your characters human?  What talents do they have?

Well, if you go with the interior mythology, the demons are the ones who gave the humans everything it means to be human. The humans are all dark, dangerous and troublesome; the demons are fun, uplifting and quirky; and the angels are all bureaucratic nose-wipes who just want the world perfect.

Is this part of a series?

It will be, if The Angel’s Brother, Aspen’s Revenge and The Human’s Lover ever get off the ground. For now, it’s a stand-alone, with a happily-ever-after finish (none of the other books in the series have that happy ending, so my not leave it be?).

What’s your process like when it comes to worldbuilding? Any tips for other fantasy authors?

Because it’s the real world, there’s not that much world building. I’ve never been to New York, I only know it from movies and things, but I managed to smush together a couple of backstreets and alleys that make it easy to relate to. My advice? Don’t make the whole world, make the pieces of it that you need. You don’t need to know about California if your book takes place entirely on the east coast, do you?

“Sit down and open your mind. Everyone knows ‘Devil’ means ‘Darkness’ and ‘God’ means ‘Light’.
“But history is always written by the winning side.”

Lucifer Morningstar is a law-abiding, upstanding gentleman of New York City.

Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil.

The owner of powerful magic, Lucifer could have the world at his feet, if not for his apathy and loneliness. Deprived of the ability to understand the emotions of others and his power depleted, Lucifer is no longer able to help even his houseplants.

But there’s a problem with God’s plan to eliminate the Devil forever: Lucifer is fighting Her more than he ever did. He’s found a reason to survive, someone to stand by him through the rough and smooth of his life.

He’s found a new wife.

Clarissa Avario opens Lucifer’s eyes to the darkest side of the real world, full of paedophiles, murderers, rapists and thieves.

Can Clarissa convince Lucifer to do more than stand back and watch the city fall apart? The Devil will do anything to fix Clarissa’s world, including take on Heaven.

And he will kill anything, God, Demon or Angel, that gets in his way.


 Holly Hunt indeed fashions a book that gives one thought. She positively crafts unbelievable characters that this reader will not forget. The book was one that no doubt will stick in this readers mind for days to come. Intriguing, charismatic, and action-packed, Clarissa and Lucifer broaden ones views while bringing on a different kind of tender romance.”

~ Linda, Fallen Angel Reviews


 Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Direct from the Publisher, Champagne  








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