WOTI 7-7-7 Challenge: Artifacts

Wow, have we ever had a lot of fantastic excerpts from many talented authors! Our last one is from Josh Langston, co-author of the Druid Series of books, brought to you by EDGE publishing. To learn more about Josh, check out his website. The final book of the Druids series, Warriors, will be available next week.

This excerpt, from the tentatively titled, Artifacts, is set in 14,000BC somewhere near the present day Savannah river in Georgia.

Meadow clumped along, her gait slow, awkward, and painful. If only her left leg had been the same length as her right, her life would have been vastly different. Nothing would be the same; her father might even still be alive, and if that had happened, there would be no Bear Killer to taunt her in the daytime and abuse her at night.

One day he would go too far, and she would find a way to kill him. That thought often occupied her mind while she tended the clan’s vegetables. If only she could find a poisonous plant that tasted good–something no one would recognize. She would gladly pamper such a thing and prepare it for his final meal.

The thought made her smile.

WOTI 777 ChallengeJ

Thus ends our 7-7-7 challenge! I’d like to thank everyone who contributed excerpts – believe me, nothing can be scarier then submitting something out of context and I think everyone who was asked not only participated, but seemed to have fun doing i. So next Wednesday, I’ll have my normal column back – I’m not going to say when we’re going to do a feature like this again, but I can rest assured that if you are enjoying hearing from a variety of different authors, to check us out every Thursday, as that’s when we feature guests who write considerably different stories from the broad spectrum that makes up science-fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal.


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  1. It was a fun challenge! Loved checking out people’s WIPs.

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