JA Garland – 777 for July 26th

So I have been tagged today!
Here is my 7 lines, from page 77, starting at line 7,
from Moon Marked, an urban fantasy novel:

Unimpressed, Lelibea’s painted red mouth turned down, marring her otherwise impeccable high-powered,
lawyer image. She crossed a shapely leg over the other, and leaned back much farther than I’d think her fashionably
tight, pin striped dress suit would allow.
“Only if it involves me.” I swaggered casually across the kitchen floor and opened a cupboard, the first likely
prospect for a glass.
“Your pack Alpha seems to think you need representation for the unsanctioned murder of Tara Sobrantes.”
Unsanctioned? She’s on the Para Bounty Directory.”

Now, I tag author Celia Breslin next!



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2 responses to “JA Garland – 777 for July 26th

  1. I’m compelled! Especially like the way your characterize Lelibea.

  2. Thank you, Graeme. She is a secondary character, and becomes a real pain for the heroine, Myka.

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