WOTI 7-7-7 Challenge: Tombstone Blues

Taking a break from my regular column, joining us today is Chadwick Ginther, who is helping us with our 7-7-7 challenge and sharing with us 7 lines from page 7 of Tombstone Blues, the second book in the Thunder Road Trilogy brought to you by Ravenstone Press.

Tombstone Blues

           Whirling away from Ted, the elf spun his spear in a broad arc.  Ted wouldn’t exactly call the elf human.  A shade over five foot with slender, sinewy arms and legs, the elf was mostly naked.  Tattooed runes formed three linked triangles, pointing downward, bright against  his too-white skin.  His ears tapered to slight points and his hair flapped unbound like a matador’s cloak.

He moved with inhuman speed.  That shouldn’t have surprised Ted, but it did.  The spear darted.  Ted hopped back on instinct.  

            An instinct I’ll have to overcome if I want to get my hands on the little shit.
WOTI 777 ChallengeJ
Up Next for the 7-7-7 Challenge is Susan Stec!

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