WOTI 7-7-7 Challenge: Guardians

Today’s Guest Poster sharing in on the 7-7-7 challenge is a friend of mine, who has been working on this novel for about a year now. She also writes regency under the name Catherine Dove, but this title is a fantasy work-in-progress about a rag-tag group of rangers. You can learn more about Kathy Anne Trueman at her blog.

The Guardians

They were different, and therefore disliked, even despised. And because they couldn’t disguise their dangerous natures, no matter how well they behaved they were instinctively feared, which strengthened the animosity toward them. Even the name “Guardian” was unknown; among the ordinary citizens of Talvadda they were called The Crows, a nickname taken from their black cloaks.

They were more often in Ambertree than any other town because in Ambertree was The Dancing Bear, the one place where they could find any kind of a welcome. Lar Iskop was the owner of the Bear, an inn which boasted the biggest tavern and best beer and ale in the region. He had no reason to fear any falling off of custom by befriending the Guardians, and, an amazingly discreet man, he was among the very few who knew their mission, so they always had a place to stay, to eat and drink and sleep, when they came so far south.

Cloud turned the horse up a street a block from The Dancing Bear and approached the inn from the rear.

WOTI 777 ChallengeNewR

Up Next in the 7-7-7 Challenge is Chadwick Ginther!


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