Welcome to my 777 Blog Day.

It’s fun to take up a challenge and today I’m going to follow my honoured cohorts and post by own “777” for a bit of fun! The excerpt is from my current work-in-progress, DRAGONEFIRE. Beware for this is the story that continues the saga of Excalibur and The Knights of Camelot. The prophet Merlin has been frozen by the Charm of Making that his daughter, Priestess Morganas cannot awaken him from for the words have been lost. It is the time of turmoil in the land as a great king dies and has none but daughters to take up the throne. Even the land seems doomed as an ancient volcano awakens in the Northland and begins to spew deadly ash. And unbeknownst to all, the last dragon, Prometheus has been saved by a young Turyan horseman.

 And without more ado, the excerpt from DRAGONFIRE:

 “My son, blood of my loins, blood of the first Knights of the Round Table of Camelot,” she whispered aloud, soft as a sigh of summer breeze, “you shall be the one who will draw the sword from the stone.” If only she knew half as well how to release her father from his crystal prison, to counteract the “charm of making” enacted by that jealous witch of a half-sister to King Arthur, Morgana. But Morgana, her half-sister, was long dead and all knowledge of the spell’s antidote gone with her. No amount of wishing could bring it back.

Morganas straightened and dried the tears that had spilled over at the acute memory of her father. Grief still struck its chilling hand into her heart when least expected.

 Have a great day everyone! And now I get to tag Misa!!!


January Bain




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  1. januarybain

    Hi All, been away but now I’m back! Missed being around for my Blog Day. Hope everyone is enjoying the fun! Take care of you! Best, January

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