WOTI 7-7-7 Challenge: Out of the Cave

Taking a break from my usual column, joining in the challenge this week is science-fiction writer Cotton E. Davis, who is sharing with us not only seven lines from his second novel in his Timewarp Inc., series, but his brand-spankin’ new cover as well. To learn more about Cotton, you can check out his website. His first novel in the series is available through most major online distributors in both ebook and print format, but Out of the Cave will be out in October of this year.

Out of the Cave


“I don’t like this,” Diane said in a lowered voice. A faint whisper, actually. “Adam’s losing his sweet nature.”

He turned his head our way, as if he could hear her, something no human being could have done. That’s when I recalled him mentioning once that his hearing was better than a human’s.

I lifted my eyebrows toward Diane in a question. Adam, who I’m sure heard her, looked also.

Dane and Adam’s eyes met. “You’re becoming like the rest of us,” she said. It was no compliment.

WOTI 777 ChallengeJ

The next player in this 7-7-7 game is Lindsay Kitson, who will be tomorrow’s guest poster.


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