Some Lighter Fare

I was supposed to post on July 13th, had everything ready to go because I knew I would be away …and forgot to push the magic button….


I am prepared to be suitably drawn and quartered etc…


My next novella in the Housetrap Chronicles series titled House on Hollow Hill, comes out September 2013. It is the third tale to be published so far in a series about a private eye, Randolf C. Aloysius set in a fantasy world where just about anything goes. My normal format is to take the title of a familiar mystery or thriller, mash it up, and create a plot around it. In this case Randy, and his trusty girl Friday, aka Bertha Wildwater, find themselves pretending to be another couple so they can crash a weekend dinner-party-type affair at a secluded mansion. As usual, chaos ensues. The scene below has to do with them trying to arrange transport to begin the journey. Existing and future Housetrap Chronicles tales so far are:

Housetrap – Dec 2012

Dial M for Mudder – July 2013

House on Hollow Hill – Sept 2013

Hounds of Basalt Ville – Nov 2013

These, plus my medieval-style fantasy novels, are available through

Hope you enjoy!


House on Hollow Hill

 Page 7, line 7 etc.

The Imp looked as though he would like to send us out the back door into the alley where we’d probably be mugged, stared Bertha in the eye, twitched his horns and muttered, “The company is not responsible for anything the employees say. Unless of course it is written in triplicate and signed off by the management and authorized by the Committee of Inter-City Travel and Touring.”

I grabbed Bertha’s hand before she could start a riot and dragged her away from the counter.

“I wasn’t going to hurt him.”

“I saw your spell-casting finger start to twitch. If we don’t catch the correct flight we could be stranded here for days while they sort out jurisdiction.


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