The Hitchhiker 7, 7, 7 challenge

D.L. Tabor tagged me to continue the 7, 7, 7 challenge here on the WOTI blog, so I am posting 7 lines from page 77, line 7 of my work in progress, a humorous paranormal thriller called The Hitchhiker

She liked Artemus.  He seemed straightforward, and unwilling to put up with her smart-ass ways.  He was a lot like her daddy, except softer around the edges.  She waved off his offer and got up to leave.  She wasn’t worried, at first, but then everyone in the room started acting like she was on her way to death row, shaking their heads, avoiding her stare.  I want fried chicken, and keep the governor’s line open.

Stepping out into the fresh air revived her a little as she made her way to the JTD.  It was overcast, again, but there was a promise of afternoon sun in the blue horizon.

The Hitchhiker will be available from Burst Books November 2013.  For more information, visit my website Okay, I think Leia has a guest lined up to post next week so, tag, you’re it!



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