World Building for Dragonfire

As a writer I love to discover new worlds to describe and fill with real people that will continue to exist in my mind for months, if not years to come. The sense of all those images flowing from your imagination through your fingers to the page is indescribable. The setting and story begin with a nebulous shape that slowly shifts to become more structured. Perhaps you are envisioning a new land and need to create a map with all the landmarks, towns, and waterways. Or you may need to create the sigil for your clansmen. With all the research you could possibly want at your fingertips in this modern age of the miracle of the internet, you have no fear of not finding something that will set your muse free.

While working on Dragonfire I’m finding keeping a detailed map of the land (island) I’m writing about most helpful. I print a few of them at various stages and add new information as needed. Not till the end of the book will this map be completed, but I need to keep a record along the way. I’m also collecting ideas for sigil for each of my Houses (families) in the novel. Another useful resource is a glossary of medieval words and phrases. I must say it does take some practice to get used to their lexicon!

Watching certain programs on TV can be helpful in mastering the lingo or dialogue. I particularly have found Deadwood and Game of Thrones useful in that regard. A different cadence of words and sentence structure can make your world building so much more believable.

And of course, read, read, read. The write, write, write. It’s said it takes 10,000 words to master a new skill. Writing is no different and deserves the best you have to offer it. Happy writing!

January Bain



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2 responses to “World Building for Dragonfire

  1. Most true, January! I’m with you on the maps and drama of the medieval flavor. And like what you say about the map – it’ always evolving and getting richer as you go, eh? That empty space between the rivers soon has the ruins of a castle, or a trade road that came to you while writing. So fun!

  2. januarybain

    Thanks, Graeme, great minds think alike, eh! My map has definitely gotten richer in content these past weeks. Best, January

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