Graeme Brown – from Paperboy to Fantasy Writer

6am walks and a ten-year-old’s imagination were the starting ingredients for what soon became a rich fantasy world. One hour delivering newspapers to three blocks of houses is lots of extra time to think and make up stories. So make up stories I did. My world had many names, but they always changed. It had many heroes and different stories that evolved over the years to come. As a result, when I found myself able to hold a story together, I had a world that was detailed and as integral to me as the real world I’d grown up in, so it made sense to set my stories there.

I gave up on naming it by the time I was twenty. After all, did people call the our world “Earth” in the medieval days? Nah. It was “the world”, or something like that. Earth game later, when we started thinking of it as a globe, a complete, measurable whole. Before that, it was made up of many places, and the unmapped terrain hinted at uncanny mystery. The ocean stretched away to the west and to the east, disappearing into some unknown darkness where the sun dared not rise, or where it set and never returned. The world, to those whose minds are becoming aware of it, is strange and wonderful. That is the kind of thing I wanted to create. Years later, I had something quite interesting – enough to gon on. Then, when I got started, I found, that process was only beginning. The act of writing stories down has now brought that world to life, and it grows richer every day.

The Pact, which releases this June, is the gateway to an epic set in this world. Enter the magestic castle of Fort Lesterall, join the struggle of the knights of Annon against the Unborn hoarde, discover the strange blend of culture as the ladies from the Southern Isles gather in a banquet hall with popinjays from the Wine Kingdoms; relish the layers of history beneath an ancient legacy, from days of witches to the days of empires and conquerors. Come to this world, where peace takes it final breath and a darkness awakens on a night of fire and blood, a night of prophecy…

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